To: Peter Dwares
From: Sherri Paysinger
Subject: Admiration

I first met Mr Dwares or Peter as I call him, some thirty years ago!

My family and I were always impressed with his brilliant legal mind and larger than life humanitarian spirit!

These qualities and more always bring a heartfelt smile to me when I think of Peter Dwares!

Now after journeying thru life all these years later I now know I am most fortunate to connect with a mind, a spirit, a human being who is dedicated to ethics, integrity and above all the belief in the ability humanity can and will take civilization up a notch or two.

And actually support it’s progress!!!

In closing his audible signature, his voice is always a delight for me to listen to and I now know the human voice is expression of the soul. I know this great soul we call Peter Dwares is the embodiment of some of humanity’s greatest attributes and we are blessed and enlightened to make connection with him.


Sherri Paysinger

To: Peter Dwares
From: Richard J. Murdoch, R.J. Murdoch, Inc.
Re: Thank you

Peter, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate being able to work with you and your staff on the Oakdale Shopping Center. I hope you are as happy with the results of the renovation as I am. On a daily basis I hear comments from people here on Oakdale about how nice that center has become, and how much nicer it is to shop there.

As you know, there isn’t a lot of construction going these days, so being a part of your renovation team has meant a lot to us. What a pleasure it has been to work with Andy and Perry at SouthStar PM. It’s hard to find people who work hard as hard as they do to make sure that every one is paid on time and accurately. They have helped me maintain a positive relationship with the grateful subcontractors I work with by keeping them paid on a timely basis.

Your trust and confidence is appreciated.

Many thanks,

Richard J. Murdoch

The Dwares Group has formed a strategic alliance with the Houston, TX office of Marcus & Millichap Capital Corp. (“MMCC”) which arranged acquisition and repositioning financing for properties within the Dwares Group portfolio. Since 2008, MMCC has been instrumental in the refinances of several properties in the portfolio, reducing annual debt service expenditures and extending note terms to longer fixed rate periods. MMCC has also arranged acquisition financing for the newest property in the portfolio, a self storage property in Southeast Texas. For more information on how MMCC can help with your commercial mortgage needs, please contact Travis Fite at 713-452-4299 or visit

“I have certainly had a productive and enjoyable experience in working with the folks at the Dwares Group, and especially Peter Dwares. He and I have worked closely together on a number of commercial real estate transactions and it certainly makes business easier to do when you have a client who honors his word and is always honest and forthcoming. Peter was kind enough to fly me out to visit him in San Francisco, following the closing of one of our transactions. That weekend, we were able to attend a Giants game and savor some of the local cuisine. I wish all my clients understood my business the way Peter does and how we can best work together to accomplish a common goal.”

–Travis Fite


I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you thanks for the check and for the bonus for the work that I did on the HEB deal in Lake Jackson, Texas. It was a pleasure dealing with a guy based on a handshake and having the person follow through exactly as we had discussed. In today’s real estate world that is more an exception than a rule and it is truly commendable. In the current real estate environment I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to do any work without getting an agreement for compensation in writing, yet, from our early conversations there was just something about them that led me to trust you and not worry about it. Sure enough you were a man of your word and I truly appreciate the way you handle your business and value your word. It is a great trait to possess.

Joe R. Rollins